Project Updates: Angstrom

April 14, 2010 at 9:44 pm Leave a comment

from Uppsala University | Uppsala, Sweden

by Herman Knutsson

Uppsala University, or Ångström Energy Quest, is currently moving along multiple paths. All of them with the goal to reduce energy waste in, for starters, the Ångström laboratory building.

If everything goes according to plans we are on the verge of dragging an electrician to the depths of Ångström laboratory. There we will perform momentary measurements as well as mounting a temporary measuring device aimed at selected parts of the building. This has been the objective all along but a meeting today with the energy strategist at the company who owns the building, Akademiska Hus, has taken us much further towards realizing it. The environment coordinator at Uppsala University is also highly involved at this stage, being our main contact with the university.

Supposing these measurements lead us nowhere, we are simultaneously looking into different ways of affecting the attitude of the buildings residents, students and professionals.  Main goal at the moment in this branch is finding a way to display the current use of electricity to the students. Having that solved we see several ways of inspiring them to reduce the waste.

Our timeline has been slightly thrown due to the meetings with Akademiska Hus being postponed.

The group is still very excited about the project and we are taking it on with energy. 😉


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