Project Updates 2: Angstrom Energy Quest

May 4, 2010 at 12:35 am Leave a comment

from Uppsala University | Uppsala, Sweden

by Hanna Blomstrom

Since the last update our work with the project has continued slow and steady. Combining it with our regular studies and facing administrative resistance along the way makes the progress a bit slower than desirable. Since this site is supposed to work as a venue for exchanging experiences we can share with you all that our first and biggest lesson is that things take a lot more time than you think.

But, work still goes on and this is what we have been doing during April:

·  Met up with the electrician who is responsible for the building where our project is taking place. We were guided around in the entire building and got a good overview of the electricity supply with transformers, generators and backup systems.

·  We have also gotten access to all the documentation concerning our project such as maps over the buildings electricity systems and graphs over consumption during the last year. This gave us knowledge to plan our future measurements. Hopefully we will be able to perform the measurements during the coming weeks with start on next Monday.

·  Last but not least we are about to perform “Operation Cupcake” together with “the Bravida Man” and “Sidekick Mick”. The operation is a test if we are able to change the staffs’ electricity consumption during a couple of days with a little effort. Since it is of outermost importance that the staff is unaware of the operation for it to give accurate results it will be confidential until it is completed.

The university and the company, Akademiska Hus, have also promised to sponsor us which makes all of the above possible since everything costs money and no one (except for us) works for free.

Keep up the good work everyone!


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