Project Update: Happenings in Copenhagen

February 2, 2011 at 10:39 am Leave a comment

from University of Copenhagen | Copenhagen, Denmark

Since the Project Highlights has been written, a lot has happened at the University of Copenhagen. At the beginning of 2010 we were focused on gathering information about the energy action plans and the electrical consumption at the university.

Later on we targeted the students starting at the university in 2010 by putting out small clues of our effort; a statement on the sleeve of the tutors t-shirts, an advertisement in the study handbook, a short lecture about the students contribution to the energy consumption, and handing out magnetic bookmarks; all with Green Action graphics and statements.

In regards to the employees, we have made ‘evening rounds’ at different departments at the Faculty of Science, where we have noted equipment which was left turned on after work hours. Afterward we tried to establish a dialogue with the employees about the wasteful energy consumption. In April we visited the Department of Chemistry, and the dialogue was established as a review at a department meeting. The yearly wasteful consumption was estimated to be about €7400. In October we visited the Niels Bohr Institute, where the yearly wasteful consumption was estimated to be about €4700; here, the dialogue was established as a report to the head of the institute. The evening rounds continue in 2011, hopefully in cooperation with the Science Faculty’s newly employed full-time energy-controller, Jürgen. We will focus on the behaviour, while Jürgen will focus on the structural solutions.

In December we participated in the planning and execution of Green Campus’ 4-week Green Action campaign all over the University of Copenhagen. Green student teams worked their way through the university, talking to the people they met, trying to make them aware of the possibility of more energy-efficient behaviour. They also promoted a big internet based competition, where the prices were bikes and climate-friendly dinners at Sticks’n’Sushi. A smaller competition took place in the canteens, where the price was a free lunch.


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