Coalition Participants

Name: Huang Bei

School: TongJi University

Bio: I’m a postgraduate majoring in administrative management in TongJi University, and also a Coordinator of TongJi University for Climate Action.  My mentor—–DaJian Zhu’s direction is Low Carbon Economy. I’m willing to contribute to the cause of environmental protection for the world. The globe will face a lot of challenges in the coming decades. We are doing the meaningful things together!  Come on, friends!

Why the Coalition: We just have one world, we need to protect her! I’m now a volunteer in Expo 2010 Shanghai, China. We have shared one goal: Better city, better life! To achieve it, Contribute to our common future!

Name: Xiaojing Cao (Jeanne)

School: TongJi University, Shanghai, P.R. China

Bio: I graduated from UNEP-TongJi Institute of Environment for Sustainable Development in March, 2010, majoring in Environmental Management for Sustainable Development. During my master study, I did research on energy policy and climate mitigation at city level and published several articles in the leading academic journals.   I was the former student leader of TongJi Green Campus Team. Now I work for the international NGO named Institute for Sustainable Communities. My main job is to assist in implementing US-China Partnership for Climate Action (PCA) Program.  However I still pay close attention to the progress of the Green Campus Initiatives sponsored by Yale University and Copenhagen University.

Why the Coalition: Climate Change is quite a complicated issue.  There is no existing solution or successful low carbon pattern to deal with climate change so far. Different organizations and people should make joint efforts to find the way. I hope that universities could explore a successful cooperation pattern to move forward.

Name: Tim Dingman

School: Brown University

Bio: Tim is a senior concentrating in Engineering Physics. He is on the steering committee of emPOWER, the student environmental group at Brown. He is also the head of Campus Climate, a subgroup of emPOWER for student projects that work to make Brown more energy efficient. In 2009 he founded EcoFlow, a campaign of Campus Climate that successfully lobbied Brown to upgrade the majority of shower heads on campus to high efficiency models. Tim is also an alumnus of the planning committee for A Better World by Design, a three day sustainable design conference run entirely by students at Brown and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Tim spends his free time playing Ultimate Frisbee, watching The Daily Show, and listening to punk.


Name: Katherine Dyke

School: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Bio: Katherine has researched and worked with a variety of applications in sustainable energy and transportation systems from both engineering and economic perspectives.  At MIT, she is involved with projects on the innovation and diffusion of wind energy technology. During her first two years, she worked with the Program on Emerging Technologies to develop a retrospective case study of the development of wind energy technology in the US and Europe. This has led subsequently to two projects. The first project uses system dynamics to model wind energy diffusion. In particular, this work looks at the role of system integration on the operational and economic costs of wind energy diffusion using input from a reanalysis study on 40+ wind integration case studies. The second project emphasizes the role of social and political factors in technological innovation and involves both historical case work and development of theory in the area of standards and innovation.

Name: Judith Ellens

School: ETH Zürich

Bio: I was born and raised in the Netherlands. After completing a Bachelor of Science in Biology I moved to Switzerland to specialize in Applied Ecology within the Faculty of Environmental Sciences. I gained practical experience in public communication, marketing and project management during my one-year internship at WWF Switzerland as well as during my work for the eaternity association, of which I am the founder and project leader. Eaternity has the vision to establish climate-friendly foods in society. Although our association was born at the ETH Zürich she is not solely confined to the university anymore and we have cooperated with and are acknowledged by other actors in society.

Why the Coalition: Only with a strong global community we can deal with the environmental problems we are facing. Only with a strong global solidarity you can achieve the Willingness and Momentum for change and action that is necessary to create a world that shares resources and welfare equally and sustainably.

Name: Mette Noort Hansen

School: University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Bio: I am a Bachelor in Biology and Geography, finishing my Master in Biology in November 2011. My education is focused on nature and the environment. I am also a volunteer at the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, which, among other things, works on getting the Danish municipalities to reduce their carbon footprint. Since December 2009 I have, in cooperation with Anders Hostrup, been working at the Faculty of Science in cooperation with the Green Campus team (, trying to make the staff and the students aware of the University’s ambitious goal to save 20 % on energy consumption and CO2-emmisions by the year 2013, compared to the 2006 level.

Why the Coalition: The climate change is affecting the whole world, crossing the boundaries between countries; therefore international collaborations are necessary to target the problems. Also, student activities are very important: At a hearing about the University of Copenhagen’s strategy a few years back, it was students who pointed out the lack of sustainability considerations in the strategy; after the hearing it was included. Also, the work me and Anders has been doing during 2010, has now been included in the 2011 action plan for the Faculty of Science, so that our initiatives will become recurring events.

Name: Jingshui Huang

School: TongJi University

Bio: I’m one year away from graduating with the Bachelor of Environmental Engineering from TongJi University. I will pursue advanced studies on waste water treatment  for doctor degree. I have been in a team who study carbon reduction organised  by Pro.Li, Director of TongJi-UNEP Institute of Environmental Sustainable Development . As for my good performance in the team, last year I got the opportunity to attend the COP15 as an observer in Copenhagen, Danmark. And I am very passionate in environmental protection and have participated in many activities as a volunteer.  I believe in that everyone counts and everyone is a green seed.

Why the Coalition: Last year we went to Copenhagen with four French girls as a team, which left me a beautiful memory. Although there were differences between French government and Chinese government, we cooperated very well to set our blogs and share our opinions in climate change. So I have a faith that we can join our hands and make a contribution to our common future!

Name: Guo Jiaxing

School: TongJi University

Bio: I’m senior student of Environmental Science from TongJi University. I have lived in China for 20 years. After attending in college and choose environment as my major, I draw attention on the climate changes because of the obvious and serious effects. I hope we can make difference.

Why the Coalition: the climate change is the whole topic to all in the world. We are all suffering from it. Therefore, it is our all humans’ duty to make effort on it. I hope for our generation we can work together. And this coalition will enlarge our influence for meeting the global challenges.

Name: Spencer Lawrence

School: Brown University

Bio: Born and raised just outside of Boston, MA, I’m now a senior at Brown, graduating May 2011, studying political science and environmental studies. I am interested generally in security, including armed-conflict, economic security, and the environment. I believe environmental sustainability is the fundamental issue in the 21st century, and I’m excited by the creativity that this challenge fosters.

Why the Coalition: Communication between groups is imperative so we can all be most efficient and effective and not re-invent the wheel. A successful project at one school is easily replicable at another school, and this coalition should prove to be very useful in that regard.

Name: Wang Lei

School: Hokkaido University

Bio: I am an international student from China. I have been in Hokkaido for 6 years, and now I am a Doctor Course student in Graduate School of Economics and Business Administration, major in Environment Economics. My graduate thesis is written on the issue of carbon dioxide emissions of China. I have another name that is BeiQing, because I was born in northern China, both northern China and Hokkaido have the Chinese characters called Bei, Qing means low-carbon, environmentally friendly.

Why The Coalition: We have only one earth. It is our obligation and responsibility to leave future generations with a better and resource-filled environment. Even though we live in different countries with different languages, we are all people on earth.

Name: Jimmy Murphy

School: Yale University

Bio: I am a sophomore Environmental Studies major concentrating in Urban Studies. I grew up in Suburban New Jersey, and thus witnessed and participated in many of the less than sustainable elements of suburban life. I hope to work to promote changes in these lifestyle choices in the future!

Why the Coalition: Environmentalism can only benefit from increased collaboration–this coalition will help consolidate group knowledge and bring together a very diverse array of perspectives on sustainability and tactics that can be used to encourage it!

Name: Vi Nguyen

School: Yale University

Bio: I’m one year away from graduating with the Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Yale College. Having grown up in Vietnam for the first 9 years of my life, and then coming into adulthood here in America—I’ve faced many climate disparities. My goal is to change these disparities.

Why the Coalition: The world will face many challenges in the coming decades, during our generation’s time to shine. I hope this coalition will empower the experiences and the leadership necessary to enable us to meet these global challenges, together.

Name: Philippe Rother

School: Uppsala University

Bio: I was born in the Communist part of Germany where Banana’s were consistently scarce. At the age of 19 I moved to Leeds (UK) to study

International Business and followed up with a Masters in Sustainable Development. At the moment I am preparing to do research on REDD+ in Southern Mexico. I want to examine how the Mexican government consults forest people on the mechanism.

Why the Coalition: Networks like the Climate Alliance are vital in overcoming obstacles we face to prevent catastrophic Climate Change from happening. I hope both participants and organizers can exploit its potential to the fullest.

Name: Matt Severson

School: Brown University

Bio: I’m Brown ’11, concentrating in Environmental Studies & Architectural Studies. I’d like to end up combining my interest in environmental-responsibility and the built environment, to become an architect/developer. I’ve also been fortunate enough to travel and see how climate change affects different parts of the world and I intend to do my best to ensure the planet is safe for people no matter where they are born.

Why the Coalition: It’s incredibly important for young people with different global perspectives to work hand in hand to address this shared problem, and realize the potential we have in moving forward together.

Name: Peng Ting (PT)

School: Tongji University

Bio: Currently, I am a master degree candidate, majoring in the Public Administration in TONGJI University. Having grown up in Yunnan province, which is a famous tourist city. And being study in Shanghai, which is the largest modernized industrial city in China, as a witness, I am experiencing a series of influences of environmental issues in different regions. As for me, all of these are challenges, and I look forward to the challenges from those experiences.

Why the Coalition: 1st to 7th, August, 2010, as a delegate of China, I attended University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Malaysia, which invited by Prime Minister of Malaysia. I get so many lessons from this memorable experience. Best of all, 316 delegates from more than 100 Leading Universities of the World in 29 countries discussed on issues pertaining to sustainable lifestyle, climate change, this process make me deeply appreciate cultural diversity, as I cannot understand other delegates thoroughly. All these experiences alarm me——PT, further understanding under different cultural background is a necessity!





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