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Project Updates: 50%

from Uppsala University | Uppsala, Sweden

by Philippe Rother

Our project was from the start split into two parts. One part was to create a web-tool that can act as a facilitator for the sustainability movement in Uppsala and the other was to work on a more specific project. So far we only register good progress with the latter. We succesfully established links to other already established environmental organizations in and around Uppsala and had chats with them, regarding the feasibility of the idea. We quickly learned that much is already happening in that field showing that there is a demand, thus we got encouraged.

Currently we are a group of about 10 people consisting primarily of students from the Masters in Sustainable Development. We are using our studies to progress on that project by using e.g. Decision Support System to model the case study. We can upload the study if needed.

Conducting all these analysis helped to identify a good location for fields that can be worked on and clarfiy what else is needed to make this idea happening. The most challenging tasks  we realized are:

  • to get permission from land owners, (which is partially private and government owned)
We have had meetings with local environmental groups, which helped because they knew people who knew other people. In April we will have various meetings with land owners to try to bring forth our proposal. We are optimistic, as we recently learned that something similar had already been done a few years back on a smaller scale.
  • people committing themselves to gardening
We are running some form of guerilla marketing campagin, using posters, social gatherings (e.g. bon fires), and word by mouth to gather support. Since the snow is almost gone now we can go over to the actual work, which will make it more obvious what we do (assuming we get permission to do so).
The site in question is located within a student area, thus primary target of our marketing efforts are students.
  • financial support to acquire gardening tools
First Donations have come. Even though it is a small amount (roughly 30€) and from our own team, it is nevetheless a start. We are going to collect money soon enough from friends etc. Hopefully some bigger organization will offer help too. The latter was the case with a urban large agriculture plot a few km’s away, so we are hopeful in that case too.
We also receive donations in terms of tools, such as a horse that’s gonna help us till the earth.

So, in conclusion, we can say that 50% of the project is going well. The so-called umbrella organization is stuck, but the other idea of creating urban agriculture plots for students is taking hold and progressing pretty well.
We will be uploading some pictures and documents within the next few days to keep everyone updated.


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