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Project Updates: Yale’s Progress

from Yale University | Connecticut, USA

by Matt Ramlow

Yale has completed the first phase of its dual project with MIT by compiling a list of 88 different environmental initiatives throughout the different departments at Yale. We then began to sort the projects into our major 3 sub-categories; built environment, behavioral, and communications projects. Yale has also drafted a preliminary survey to interview each of the projects and gather information regarding the development, funding, work hours, participation, goals, transparency, savings/reductions, and level of success of each project. Our next step is to continue to collaborate with MIT to create a final draft of the survey that can be administered across both campuses. We hope to have this completed in early April so we can conduct our interviews before the end of the spring semester (mid May) and start to gather the data from the different projects.

To view the Project Database and Preliminary Survey Questions, click on the following link.


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Project Highlights: Green Action at SCIENCE

from University of Copenhagen | Copenhagen, Denmark

The team aims to concentrate its efforts on empowering students and faculty in the university’s Science Department to help Copenhagen become one of the most sustainable universities in Europe. In targeting the students, the team plans to inspire the tutors to host an introductory course on Sustainability ( e.g. encouraging freshmen to use public transportation, buy locally produced organic food, etc). We hope to encourage more sustainable-minded freshmen class through actions such as designing ‘green’ t-shirts for the tutors, and encouraging course directors to educate students on how to behave more sustainably in laboratories and computer facilities. In targeting employees, the team plans to monitor wasteful electrical consumption through the use of appliances at night when no one is in the building. They will use this data to engage in dialogue with employees to reduce this waste. The project’s measureable results will depend on data gathered via questionnaires and measurements of electrical consumption in different departments.

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Project Highlights: A Cross-University Integrated Study

from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Yale University | Massachusetts and Connecticut, USA

This team plans to study over 50 programs at MIT and 88 at Yale. The study will look at different factors involved that affect the success of various programs. Analysis will be completed to look at the relative success of different programs and identify which factors are sufficient and/or necessary for program success. Such analysis will guide future decisions for institutional support of energy and sustainability programs. The project will also yield an inventory of campus programs in energy and sustainability and a host of information on each project including how the programs are linked to the organizational make-up of the institution at the administrative, departmental and student level. The major deliverable of this project will be the final report which should be complete by March of 2010.

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