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Coordinator Update: M&E

by Vi Nguyen, Coordinator
The Coalition was founded with the mission to highlight Best Practices from and for university student groups around the world. As a result, our efforts with Monitoring and Evaluations (M&E) have started! We released our first two annual surveys to try and tease out these Best Practices. One is focused on the Coalition and the teams’ experiences with being a part of a Global Coalition. The data attained and analyzed from this survey will be used to improve the Coalition for the next year as we expand.

The other survey is stylized specifically for each team, asking them about their deliverables, their results, and trying to figure out what would have made the projects more successful–whether it was more team members, more administrative support from the university, or more funding!

The teams are currently filling out the surveys and we will be releasing that sometimes early in 2011! Be on the look out!


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