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Project Highlights: Brown is Green

from Brown University | Rhode Island, USA

The team’s objectives are to effectively engage and support students in their efforts to mitigate the greenhouse emissions of Brown University. In January, 2008, Brown President, Ruth J. Simmons, pledged to reduce the University’s greenhouse gas emissions by 42 percent below 2007 levels by the year 2020. To this end, the administration has committed 20 million dollars; with a substantial fraction available to funding various emissions reduction projects proposed by Brown students and faculty. We are working to establish a formal funding and oversight structure for on-campus, student- and faculty-led energy and environmental initiatives. To measure the effectiveness of this initiative, the team plans to pay attention to whether they are able to form a body with representatives from the administration, faculty, student body and staff to evaluate and monitor environmental projects on campus. They are also interested funding more green initiatives and quantifying the energy savings and/or greenhouse gas emission reductions of the funded initiatives.


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