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Project Update: Solar Panel Demonstrator Installed

from Bilkent University | Ankara, Turkey

by Ozge Topuz

The solar statistics of Ankara can give an idea about the efficieny of solar panel installation at Bilkent University. However, in order to get exact results, we decided to install a solar panel demonstrator at Bilkent University and get real data.  We installed our solar panel demonstrator and have included the preliminary measurements.

Ozge with Ergun Hirlakoglu, the laboratory technician.

The measurements on March 22nd, 2010, at around 3 p.m. are as follows:
In sunny places
  • Voltage: V=20.41 V
  • Current: I=3.35 A
  • Power: P=V x I=20.41×3.35=68.37 W
  • Energy: E=68.37 Wp
In shadowy places
  • Voltage: V=13.01 V
  • Current: I=0.50 A
  • Power: P=V x I=13.01×0.50=6.53 W
  • Energy: E=6.53 Wp
We will keep taking data from our solar panel demonstrator at different time durations in a day, in different weather situations.
We are hoping to work with our demonstrator to develop a system which can keep track of the data collected. Our plan is to collect
  1. Monthly energy demand of Bilkent University
  2. Monthly energy generation from the proposed PV System
  3. Daily Weather Variation Examples of Demand and Energy Generation Results (Example during cloudy day, during partly-cloudy day and during sunny day)
  4. Current PV Tariff Bills and Laws (Cost estimate for tariff)
  5. Cost Estimate For Alternative Solutions( Calculate annual cashflow using cashflow analysis, system payback period: Calculate the present value of operations and maintenance cost throughout the lifetime, calculate the system revenue)
  6. Cost Estimate For Recommended Solution (Final Recommendation)

NOTE: Calculations can be done with numerical methods by using SOLVER in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. 


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